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13th Wizardry is a company that was founded by a father and daughter duo, and the reason we founded it is because we both love pop culture, comics, movies, comic cons, superheroes and everything that goes along with that. It all started at our first comic con, at that moment, we were inspired to create a business doing what we love, and from that moment on this has been our dream in the making. Our desire is to share that experience and passion with as many people as possible. We understand that our prices are a bit higher than large corporations that offer no personal connection with the people that make it all happen.  Please understand that we are family owned company who wants the best for our customers and their satisfaction. Rather than just having customers that come, buy, and leave. We want to connect with people who understand what we are doing and share the same passion that we do. We acknowledge that there is a ton of competition out there for your hard-earned dollars. We want to reward you for your loyalty and continued business.  Below is a list of all the perks you earn if you spend $250 in the span of one year with 13th Wizardry.


Reward Plan

  • 1 year of 10% off anything open for purchase.
  • 2 annual free gifts of your favorite superhero. Valued at least $30.
  • Automatic enrollment in all our giveaways and raffles.
  • $10 Gift Certificate


In the future, we will be creating another reward plan for people who spend $500, and another for the real go getters out there that spend over $1000. Always remember that if there is a specific item you would like to purchase and we don’t have it we can special order it if possible, so please let us know. We also frequently have a booth at Comic Cons around the country and we will be letting you know the next show we are going to. Just in case you want to drop by.  We truly appreciate you taking the time to learn about our story.

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